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UK Debt Recovery

At Safe Collections we have been successfully recovering overdue invoices and contractual payments on behalf of our clients since 1984. In that time we have heard every excuse, seen every trick and witnessed every type of scam to avoid or delay payment.

If you are tired of hearing excuses and want to show you are serious about your credit control our established and experienced team can help.

Important Update to UK Late Payment Legislation

If you have unpaid invoices raised after the 16th of March 2013 we can now recover our costs direct from the debtor, in addition to interest & fixed costs.

The revised legislation states:

"If the reasonable costs of the supplier in recovering the debt are not met by the fixed sum, the supplier shall also be entitled to a sum equivalent to the difference between the fixed sum and those costs."

We now automatically calculate and include a claim for our costs in every qualifying debt collection case we receive. This means in most cases it costs our clients absolutely nothing to use our UK Debt Collection services.

The simple truth is that most businesses will at some point be faced with slow paying customers and potential bad debtors. Often the only difference between those companies that recover unpaid invoices and those that don't, lies in how they manage the situation.

Our customers know that when they have a client determined to avoid payment, they can call on our proven and effective collection techniques to recover the money. Quickly, competently and without alienating the customers on which their business depends. Many of our clients find that the appointment of an independent and respected third party debt collection agency is all that is needed to secure or hasten payment from their debtors. In fact our own research suggests that debtors are far more likely to respond to us, as our involvement shows your company will not tolerate late payment.

At Safe Collections, we take a professional approach to debt collection and overdue account recovery. Our ultimate aim is to recover your money without damaging the relationships on which the business depends. We won't endlessly send computer generated letters to your bad debtors demanding payment, we will actively try to work with them to identify the best option to secure your payment in a timely fashion.

This is achieved through constant communication with your customer, via post, email, fax, phone and even SMS message. Our experienced credit control team constantly monitor and profile your debtors closely to identify the best resolution in the quickest time.

After all your money in their account won't help your company to grow!

What are the benefits to your company?

The majority of unpaid invoices are paid in full once the debtor knows a reputable third party has been appointed to recover them.

Your company can save valuable time and money by allowing us to secure late payments, allowing you to concentrate on what is important – growing your business. Plus our customers benefit from the following improvements:

Decrease your reliance on credit facilities

Many of our customers see a marked increase in their available cash flow when we assist them in debt recovery. This helps our customers decrease their reliance on expensive and increasingly unavailable bank credit.

Decrease the amount of bad debt written off

Targeted and effective use of third party agencies can help you avoid the perils of bad debt, we help our customers recover their debts faster and more effectively. Significantly reducing the risk of non-payment due to insolvency.

Increase your competitive advantage

When you maximise your company cash flow it can give you the peace of mind to concentrate on what is really important, growing your business.

Increase productivity

When you partner with Safe Collections we take the hard work out of your credit control. Freeing up your staff to secure that next customer, whilst we work diligently on your behalf to secure payment from the last.

Get paid faster, today and everyday

Partnering with Safe Collections for your credit control or debt recovery needs sends out a clear message, that your company will not accept excuses or late payment. Ultimately ensuring that your invoices are the first to be paid, this month and every month.

Make the debtor pay

With the The Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2013 every company is entitled to reasonable costs in addition to fixed costs for late payment. We automatically calculate and include a claim for our costs in every recovery.

If you would like to discuss how we can help your company recover its unpaid invoices contact us here. Or perhaps your company is considering outsourcing the entire Credit Control function? If so our co-sourced credit management service may be for you.

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