Safe Collections have been helping companies recover their unpaid invoices for more than 33 years, here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions.


What type of debts can you collect?

We can collect any invoice issued from one business to another, often called B2B sales. We can also help collect and enforce a CCJ irrespective of the status of the creditor or debtor.

We do not collect any debts that relate to business to consumer/domestic sales, often referred to as B2C sales. Nor do we collect any debts that fall under the Consumer Credit Act as either regulated or exempt agreements.

If you are unsure if we can help you please contact us to discuss your claim in more detail.

Do you ever refuse any collections?
What exactly is it that you do?
Do you profile or monitor my debtor?
How long does it take to collect my debt?
What is your success rate?


Is it really "no collection = no commission"?

Yes it is.

At Safe Collections our standard UK Debt Collection & International Debt Collection services are provided on this basis provided your debt is free of queries and has all the necessary paperwork.

If any chargeable extra's are required, such as a land registry search or debtor trace, we will always seek written authorisation before you incur any additional charges.

Are there any exceptions to this rule?
Do you have any advance fees?
Do you have any hidden or abortive fees?
Do we need to sign a binding, fixed term contract?
How much do you charge for UK Debt Collection?
How much do you charge for International Debt Collection?
Can I add your fees to the debt?
How do you define a successful recovery?
Under what other circumstances may you raise an invoice?


What information do you need to start collection?

The minimum we need to begin is

    • Debtor name and address
    • Debtor contact details (email/telephone/address)
    • Copy invoices/statement
    • Supporting documents (such as contracts/agreements)

If you cannot produce the relevant paperwork we may refuse your collection or ask you to pay a handling fee.

What other information do you need?
How should I send the documentation?
Do you need any additional information for International Debt Collection?


Who decides if a claim should proceed to Court?

You do.

If we are unable to secure payment in pre-legal collection we may recommend that proceedings are issued against the debtor. We will only recommend legal action in cases where we believe you have a reasonable possibility of not only securing the judgment, but of actually getting paid. 

But ultimately the final decision is yours and yours alone.

Can you give us legal advice or issue proceedings on our behalf?
If we decide to issue a court claim do we have to use your solicitor?
Why do you encourage Small Claims for disputed debts?
What if I do want to use your solicitor?
Why does your solicitor invoice direct?
If I secure a CCJ do I still have to pay your fee?
What happens if my debtor doesn't pay my CCJ?


Have you always been known as Safe Collections?
No. Prior to February the 29th 2012 the company was called Creditsafe Ltd.
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