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Aripiki It

Since the Credit Crunch came started, people have changed, and with that Business Practices have changed too. Sometimes this has been for the worse.

I have had my fair share of slow payers but generally I have enough experience to follow this up and get what is due to my consultancy.

On two occasions, Arapiki IT have used the services of Safe Collections. Safe Collections came recommended to Arapiki IT as Part of Arapiki’s PCG (PCG.org.uk) Membership. The first time Safe Collections was used was for an agency who did not want to pay when the work finished with an end client. When it came to chasing money, the owner of the Agency. He acted and sounded like a 1960’s East End Gangster! No really! I still have a copy of one of Duane’s voice messages. Think of BBC’s rouge traders and you get the idea.

Working with Adam and Sid we started off with routine steps and then slowly and surely tightened our grip, backing the agency into a corner, rebutting claims. It became a challenge, and I wanted to win. I didn’t care about the money. It became a game no emotion just a challenge for us to conquer.

I could have used my PCG Plus membership and claimed the amount through Insurance but where is the challenge and satisfaction in that?

Recently, an Agency I have had a long association with, their payments were becoming somewhat not always on time. I emailed Safe Collections, gave them the payment history, and asked them to “send a shot across the bow”. They did this and Arapiki duly got paid the next week. Result !

Adam and Sid of Safe Collections know what to do. They get the job done. Sid is Ex BTP (British Transport Police). He founded the company. He said to me once at a PCG Networking event, “I have met more criminals in this game than I did working 20 years in the police”.

There is a process and you have the law on your side so long as you have done your work correctly. Safe Collections will guide you along taking the emotion away. They are practised at this and are very good at what they do.

Remember, safe collections are there as part of your Business Tool Box, much like your Bank Account, Email address or Smart phone even.

When you next have a slow payer or someone who refuses to pay, give Safe Collections a call!

David Catto - Managing Director

Arapiki IT Ltd

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