When it comes to debt collection in France you can exert a certain amount of pressure in-house, but if your debtor can't or wont pay then you need an agent that can act in your best interests. At Safe Collections we have our very own Entente Cordiale with a leading debt recovery law firm in Paris that perfectly places us to recover your unpaid export invoices.

Our debt collection agent in France is one of our most pro-active and successful affiliates and we have a long standing relationship with the firm. They specialise in all types of B2B commercial litigation including:

  • Debt collection
  • Commercial litigation
  • Bankruptcy proceedings
  • Insolvency services
  • Corporate restructuring

They have a multinational client base and our main contact has been a member of the Paris Bar for more than a decade and the Quebec Bar since 2012.

Like in the UK debt collection in France consists of two main phases, amicable collection and if that is unsuccessful legal action.

Amicable collection

Amicable collection of a debt in France is conducted by our lawyer on a no collection = no commission basis. They will contact your debtor by post and email with a strongly worded demand and then continue to pursue the debtor for payment by telephone. This provides a risk free option for debt recovery as your company will only be charged if our lawyer successfully recovers your invoice value. As with all of our international debt collection affiliates our partner has no up-front fees and no abortive or hidden fees payable if the claim is not collected.

This gives our client base a risk free option for the recovery of commercial debt in France as you will only ever be invoiced if payment is secured.

If amicable collection is not successful our Advocate will advise on the best legal route to recover your money, but crucially, your company is under no obligation to issue legal proceedings if you feel the costs outweigh the potential reward. This ensures you stay in complete control of any costs at all times.

Legal collection

If legal action becomes necessary and you decide to pursue a legal claim then our Advocate in Paris will continue to pursue your debtor through the courts. With more than a decade of experience in the field they have the skills and knowledge to ensure your case progresses through the court as swiftly as possible and to assist in the enforcement of any court award.

Generally a legal claim will be allocated to one of the following procedures:

  • Order to pay (injonction de payer) - A relatively quick claim based on the contractual agreement with no attendance from either party required.
  • Summary proceedings (référé provision) - Similar to the 'order to pay' a Bailiff summons the debtor to appear before court and the claim is based on the contractual documents.
  • Proceedings on merit (procédure au fond) - Contested claims are heard in the commercial court overseen by a lay judge.

Attendance of creditors is not necessary in commercial claims in France and as such our lawyer will represent you from the initial amicable collection all the way through court proceedings and eventual enforcement.

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