Here at Safe Collections we have spent thirty years building a network of independent debt collection collection agents and experienced commerical litigators that spans the globe.  From Azerbaijan to Zambia, Amarillo to Zhanjiang we can recover your unpaid export invoices on a no collection = no commission basis.

When an overseas customer uses distance to delay or completely avoid payment it can be a struggle identifying the most efficient and cost effective route to recovery. International legal action can be expensive and without local knowledge how do you ensure you choose reputable and competent representation?

Since 1984 we devoted considerable time and expertise to the development of a network of trusted debt recovery affiliates around the world. Experience has shown us that the appointment of a local debt collection agency is often enough to bring even the most wayward and delinquent debtor to the table.

What are the benefits?

When an international customer is delaying payment they will often bank on a lack of local knowledge to deter recovery efforts. When you use a Safe Collections affiliate you can be sure they have the expertise, experience and understanding to act on your behalf.

All of our International affiliates are fully licensed in their countries of operation and a majority have been our partners for a great many years. This exclusive network can bring a wealth of benefits to your company including:



Save Time

We have collection agents and legal partners across the EU and worldwide waiting to help you.



Save Money

We have negotiated preferential debt recovery rates with our international collections partners.



Reduce Risks

When a local collection agent contacts your customer they can ensure that your payment is a priority.



Protect Your Investment

Our network of agents are all fully licensed and carefully vetted by us to ensure they protect your brand.



Get Expert Insight

Our affiliates can access local sources to benefit their collection attempts & help you avoid legal action.



Get Paid Faster

Using a local recovery agent sends a clear message that your company will not tolerate late payment.


Safe Collections has been providing international debt collection services to our customers for more than three decades, in that time we have built a trusted network of lawyers, collection companies and associated businesses that spans the world. If you have an international customer that can't or won't pay their invoices we almost certainly have a local agent that can contact them on your behalf.

Risk Free Export Debt Collection
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