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County Court Judgment Enforcement

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Securing a County Court Judgment can be an expensive and time consuming process and is often seen as the final step in the debt collection process. But what do you do if your debtor ignores the courts direction and continues to avoid paying what is owed?

At Safe Collections we can guide you through the enforcement process and help your company collect on the value of any unpaid CCJ.

Legal action is often seen as the final step in the debt recovery process, but ask anyone who has ever secured a County Court Judgment and they will tell you that this is often not the case. At Safe Collections we have over twenty five years of experience in enforcing and collecting Judgment debts on behalf of our client base. We know every option available to a creditor to secure payment and we will actively profile your debtor to ascertain the most cost effective method of enforcement.

Unlike using a solicitor to enforce a judgement, we do not charge by the hour and we will collect your CCJ's on a no collection, no commission basis*.

What are the benefits?

When you instruct us to collect a County Court Judgment on your behalf we will immediately begin by profiling your debtor to identify the most effective method of enforcement. In many instances our professional collections team are able to negotiate settlement with your debtor, if this is impossible we will be able to recommend an appropriate alternative. Engaging Safe Collections to secure your CCJ's can bring many benefits to your business for example:

Save Money

When your company has acquired a CCJ, the last thing you need are extra costs. Our experienced collections team are often able to negotiate an amicable settlement with your debtor.

Save Time

Instruct us to collect on a CCJ and we will manage your case efficiently and effectively throughout the recovery process. If necessary we will liaise with the courts or any relevant third party on your behalf. Leaving you free to concentrate on more profitable concerns.

Get Expert Advice

If a debtor refuses to settle a Judgment, you have a range of further enforcement options available. But how do you choose the most cost effective avenue to payment? Our knowledgeable team will advise you on the various options available and help you make an informed decision.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

When seeking to collect on a CCJ it is possible to substantially increase your losses if the wrong enforcement method is chosen. Sending a Bailiff to a previous address for example, can leave you with nothing but an extra bill to pay.

Increase Your Cashflow

We can help your company convert the potential value locked in an unpaid CCJ into money in the bank. Increasing the cashflow available in your business.

Here at Safe Collections we will use every tool in our enforcement armoury to ensure your debtor pays what is owed. But every situation is different and as such calls for a unique approach.

If you want to know more about the various options we use to secure payment of a County Court Judgment they are outlined below:

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